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Family continues fight against teachers who supported sex offender

Neal Erickson, the teacher convicted of sex crimes against student Neal Erickson, the teacher convicted of sex crimes against student

A local school district is still in hot water as a family is continuing the fight for action against teachers who supported a convicted child molester.

Many parents are concerned the lack of action from the school board could hurt the district.

The last few months have been tough for Lori Janczewski and her family. A teacher in the West Branch-Rose City school district was convicted of abusing her son. She feels like six teachers and a board member who supported the predator are getting a free pass.

"I am not taking the blame for any of this. I brought this out so it doesn't happen to any other child. People wanted me to lose it, I am losing it," said Janczewski.

The school board declined to take action on the staff who publicly supported Neal Erickson, the teacher who is convicted for sexually abusing the student.

The parents and others were back asking for those who supported Erickson to be fired during a meeting Monday night.

Lori and her husband John walked out after about 35 minutes, saying they've had enough with being ignored.

"You might be able to say what you want in freedom of speech, but you have actions with that. An educator supporting an educator, a child molester, wrong, period," said John Janczewski.

Others at Monday night's meeting also want to see something change.

Monday night's plea comes a month after the district decided they could not fire the teachers in question because they're protected by the first amendment. Officials declined to comment on Monday night.

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