LSU Hospital takeover questions

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The countdown has officially begun for the takeover of LSU Hospital in Shreveport. In just 19-days, it will transition from a state-run facility to one operated by the Biomedical Research Foundation.

With that in mind, the public got another chance to ask officials any lingering questions they have about how this transition might affect the general public.

Those officials, including LSU Hospital Administrator Joe Miciotto, reassured people who turned out to Mt. Canaan Baptist Church Thursday night that the hospital's mission will not change. "That's one of the primary missions of the university's hospital and that's to provide for the less fortunate. That mission has been reinforced and it's been stated in public forum time and time again."

Miciotto also told the public that 84-percent of existing employees at LSU Hospital in Shreveport have already been re-hired once BRF takes control on October 1st. He says 400-positions still remained to be filled and are open to the general public. But internal candidates will be given preference.

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