Governor signs executive order in Explo clean up

LA Gov. Bobby Jindal has signed an executive order intended to help clear the way to recover the costs of moving, storing and ultimately getting rid of the 6 million pounds of M6 propellant Louisiana State Police say was improperly stored by Explo at Camp Minden.

Millions of pounds of the explosive powder, destined for use by the military, remains in bunkers at Camp Minden.

Last fall, an explosion at camp Minden in Doyline shook nearby homes and businesses on their foundations, and resulted in an investigation. That investigation lead to the discovery of millions of pounds of M6 propellant that was reportedly improperly stored.

Representative Jeff Thompson wants to recoup costs associated with the evacuation of Doyline, and rent that Explo is accused of not paying Camp Minden for months, and he would like to see the material shipped out of the Ark-La-Tex. Governor Bobby Jindal's recently signed executive order promises to help in that endeavor.

"To clear the way for the Louisiana National Guard to contact other entities to address the quantity of materials at the base at Camp Minden, and start disposing of it," said Thompson.

While the material is now considered properly stored by Louisiana State Police, it still has to be moved off the Camp Minden property so the Louisiana National Guard can resume normal operations. That's expected to be a very difficult process considering the nature of the material.  

The executive order promises to move the process along a little quicker.
"And the magnitude of the equivalent of 3,000 tons of TNT parked in the backyard of people in Webster and Bossier parishes, that's not acceptable," said Thompson.

Thompson has also asked that the Inspector General and the Attorney General intervene in the lawsuit to recover expenses to State Police, and the Webster Parish Sheriff's Office.

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