What makes a hero

4th grader Grace Schneider delivers her essay, "What Makes A Hero"
4th grader Grace Schneider delivers her essay, "What Makes A Hero"

Central Park Elementary 4th grader Grace Schneider spoke from the heart.  She shared with first responders, law makers and city officials - what makes a hero.  Heroes like the ones we saw on 9/11 at the World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon and onboard United flight 93.

Grace stepped to the microphone at today's remembrance at Bossier's Liberty Garden Memorial to read from her school essay.

"Heroes are made by their selflessness, their courage and their bravery".

That's how young Grace began her essay entitled, 'What Makes a Hero'.  Grace was not born until three years after the attacks on America.  So it's even a greater challenge for post 9/11 children to grasp the reality of that day.  However Grace had a pretty good idea.

"The heroes of 9/11," she continued, "did their best to keep everyone alive when the airplanes were hijacked by terrorists".

For Grace and all children born after 9/11, the post 9/11 security concerns and global tension is the norm for them.  However with help from teachers, text books and talking with first responders today, these Central Park students have a slightly better understanding of what September 11th must have been like and how it changed the world forever.

"Years later our country is still trying to figure out why," Grace continued, while reading from her essay.

To watch Grace deliver her essay in it's entirety, be sure and watch our attached video.

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