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Cypress and Black Bayou Lake residents confront Lake commission over concerns


Black Bayou and Cypress Lake residents in Benton say they are continuing their fight against developers dumping treated waste water in the lakes. Homeowners say they won't be satisfied until there is no waste water in the lakes.
That's why the residents say they rallied together at the Black Bayou Cypress Lake Commission meeting Tuesday night. "It is just sad that they are putting waste water into our recreational water ways," said Renee Hall, who lives on Cypress Lake.

She's one of the residents leading the charge against what she calls the "battle" to stop all current and future dumping of treated waste into Cypress and Black Bayou lakes. She and about 15 residents asking the Board of Commissioners of the lakes to get Eagle Water Systems to stop the dumping.

But Commission President Chris Baker explained to the crowd, because Eagle Water first puts the treated water in Turtle Creek , which flows into the lakes but isn't piped directly in, they don't have direct power over the issue.  

In light of that, Hall instead asked the concerned neighbors to sign a formal complaint to protest the method of discharging the waste. "We will finally be happy and this will finally be over when there is no waste water in the lake," said Hall. 

Eagle Water Operator Keith Howard explained over the phone that the waste water discharged into the lake is completely clean, meets all health and environmental standards. He even claims that water is even cleaner than the water that is already in the lake.

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