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KSLA News 12 Guest Editorial: Sept. 9th-Hope Connections

On any given day Downtown, well-meaning groups host meals for the homeless. On some days, you can eat eleven times.

The local area is filled with generous people, but meals, clothing and money handouts to the homeless are not attacking the root cause of chronic homelessness. Hope for the Homeless estimates that 86% of chronic homeless suffer from drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness and histories of extreme trauma or abuse that a sandwich, a shirt or even an apartment without the right support - won't overcome.

This coalition of more than 30 different professional service organizations is building a new facility in Shreveport called the Hope Connections. Hope Connections will offer a place for the most troubled men and women with the professional oversight needed to truly break the cycle of homelessness.

Please continue to be generous to those who need help, but make your generosity count by supporting an organization that will do more than make us feel good. It will make a difference in helping get people off the streets.

I'm Liz Swaine.

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