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Burglars caught on tape by Ingleside homeowner

Surveillance video captured two men breaking into a woman's home. Surveillance video captured two men breaking into a woman's home.

An Ingleside resident is asking the community for help after an overnight burglary, but there's a twist, the burglars were caught on tape by the homeowner's surveillance system.

Casey Davis says she is tired of repairing things that are continuously being broken by burglars. "All of the windows have been knocked out of my house. I've replaced my door approximately four times."

Davis says even though she is upset about the most recent events, it's not as bad as a previous break in. "Two years ago, someone kicked in my door, and tried to rob me, and fractured my face. So about half of my face is no longer real because of the injuries I sustained in that." Davis said.

That was the final straw for Davis. She installed a home surveillance system that caught the overnight invasion on camera.

The video shows a man knock on Davis' door and then briefly walk away. Then another man joins the first while they check the windows. Another knock on the door is just enough to loosen the lock and the door comes open. This is due to a previous break in. The video then shows Davis' dog come to the door but the men throw a 2x4 that hits the dog in the head. They then make their way into the home, take Davis' laptop, and attempt to take her TV. Before they make their get away, they destroy Davis' camera.

You will be glad to know that Davis' pitbull, King, is okay and back to normal, according to Davis. Now the concerned citizen wants to offer her solution to stop this ongoing problem in her neighborhood, "I think that if we banded together as a community, not just the police, policing around with big, bright, shining lights, but neighbors talking to neighbors and looking out for each other. Even though it was one in the morning, somebody knew who these people were. Somebody knows who these people are."

No arrests have been made but Davis is confident that the people responsible will be caught.

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