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KSLA News 12 Editorial: Sept. 5th-Charitable Donations, Be Careful

I get them all the time…I'm sure you do too. The phone rings and it's someone wanting me to donate to a charity.

How do you know who to give to…and who not to? Recently, the Center for Investigative Reporting created a list of what they call…the ten worst charities.

The reason they made the list is because such a tiny amount of the money they raise actually goes to benefit the charity. Most of the money goes to pay for telemarketers.

Here's the list:

  • Kids Wish Network 2.5%
  • Cancer Fund of America 0.9%
  • Breast Cancer Relief Foundation 2.2%
  • International Union of Police Associations 0.5%
  • Children's Cancer Fund of America 5.3%

On the left is the name of the charity, on the right is the percent of your donation that is actually given to the charity. The rest goes into the telemarketers pocket.

One example cited in the report, the Cancer Fund of America, if you donated $20, less than $0.20 of your contribution actually went to the organization's cause.

So what can you do?

It's usually best to donate to local charities. There are a lot here in the ArkLaTex who need your help.

You can also do your research before you donate. These web sites: Guidestar, BBB Wise Giving Alliance and Charity Navigator can help you in your evaluations. Giving to charity is a good thing but you have to be careful…you sure don't want your money to be wasted.

I'm James Smith.

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