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Prosecutors say 911 tape helped put murderer away

Marecellus Adams, 34 (Source: Caddo Correctional Center) Marecellus Adams, 34 (Source: Caddo Correctional Center)

34-year-old Marecellus Adams was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday morning for a Shreveport murder from back in 2012.

Caddo Parish Assistant District Attorney Dhu Thompson says a chilling 911 tape helped to convict Adams on the 2nd degree murder charges. 

"Someone want to commit bodily harm to me," says Michael Blackshire on the 911 tape. 

Blackshire called to report Marecellus Adams as a disorderly person. 

"What is Marecellus wearing?"

"White T-shirt and a blue pair of pants, and he is coming right towards me right now."

Prosecutors say even though there were witnesses, the best witness was the Blackshire. On the tape he describes Adams, saying Adams picked up a 2 x4 blunt object. 

Operator: "Does he have any type of weapon?"

Blackshire:"No, no ma'am, not that I know. Now he is going to pick up a 2 x 4."

Moments later you can hear what sounds like muffled noise of Blackshire being beaten with that blunt object.

Blackshire:  "He's getting ready to hit me. He's getting to hit me."

Operator: "Move away from him."

Background: "He's out. He's out. He's out."

Blackshire was unconscious when police arrived. He was taken to LSU Medical Center where he would later die.

"I truly hope that he spends the rest of his life in Angola, thinking about what he did to that victim, and how senseless that crime was," says Caddo Parish A.D.A. Dhu Thompson.

Prosecutors say the defense tried to lower the 2nd degree murder charges against Adams to manslaughter, but with the help of the 911 tape they were able to prove Adams was the aggressor.

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