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More TV and film productions bring more money to Shreveport


Several stars are in Shreveport for the production of 'Dark Places,' a mystery thriller set in a farming town in Kansas, and they're just one of the latest productions to show up and brining plenty of business with them.

The movie stars Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, Chloë Grace Moretz and Christina Hendricks.

"We love to have the stars here. They eat in our restaurants, they love to spend money. They're buying lumber, they're dry-cleaning and it goes on and on and on," says Arlena Acree, with the City of Shreveport Film Office.

And it's not just Shreveport. Movie makers are flocking to Northwest Louisiana and putting more money into our local economy. "Over the past 6 years we've done over a billion dollars of productions. People had to go buy things to shoot in those productions, they had to buy materials, paint, hair stylists, food, we had to have cars rented, we had hotels slept in, so there's a huge economic impact from the money spent here" says Bossier City Project Coordinator and Film Liaison Pam Glorioso.

"I think since 2008 we tracked over 106,000 hotel rooms were booked and that's still climbing," Acree says.

There is also a huge incentive for making a movie in the bayou state. "It's a tax credit program, it afford the production a 30% tax credit and an additional 5% tax credit for people that are hired that are residents of Louisiana" Glorioso says. That could mean a 35% tax cut for producing a movie in Louisiana.

That incentive may catch a producer's eye, but Millennium Films President Diego Martinez says it is the location that brings them into our backyards. "You have so many different looks around town, it's not just about the studio, it's about the city, and the things the city has to offer. This city has doubled for many places, from Alaska, to Paris, to LA, to New York, we can make downtown look like New York."

Or, as in the case of the newest production to come to town, like 17th century Salem, Massachusetts. 'Salem' is a sci-fi drama thriller television series, described as "a new take on the infamous witch trials in the Massachusetts town."

Production will take place at Stageworks, where set construction is already under way. There will be some on-location shooting. Acree says a village will need to be built for the production. Specific locations have not been released. Casting is also under way.

'Salem' will be produced by Fox21, and it will be the first original scripted series for the MGN America, a Chicago-based cable and satellite television channel owned by Tribune. 13 episodes have been ordered.

Acree says that kind of production is an even bigger deal than some single movie productions. "When a city or a state lands a TV series that's a big deal. It will help us grow our base even more which we want and bring more productions here."

Shooting on 'Salem' is expected to begin in October an continue through the spring of 2014.

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