Team Knock It Off 2 weigh-ins

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - It's the first time local attorney, Carlos Prudhomme has ever weighed in below 269.  His first week with Team Knock It Off Prudhomme lost seven pounds and add another pound to that at the completion of week two.

Tuesday night, Nutrition Specialist, Dr. Dennis Wissing gave a visual lesson on how much sugar is in soda.  He laid out 17 teaspoons of sugar and had a soda nearby.  Dr. Wissing says diet is not any better.  He says the sugar substitutes trick the mind and actually make your body want sugar even more.  He told the group to avoid as much sugar as they could in their diets.

New Balance Shreveport representative, Elka Anderson stopped by for a shoe clinic.  She told the group about finding the right shoe for their foot.  Walking or running in the wrong shoes can actually cause a lot of injury.  Anderson says, "Some people actually hit on the outsides of their feet and roll in. None of those things are really bad long as you are in the right shoe for your foot type."

Shelly Ryan Gray from Red River Roadrunners also stopped by to lead the group in a warm up and show the proper posture for walking.  Gray lead the group around the inside track at the LSU Health Schools of Allied Health Profession building.

Week two is now over and Team Knock it Off is down 55 pounds.  The program is 12 weeks and is the brainchild of KSLA News 12 Anchor, Domonique Benn.  This is the second team to go through the program.  It's all about making the Ark-La-Tex healthier.  The first time started in February and ended in May with nearly 300 pounds lost.