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"No War with Syria" protestors gather in Shreveport

Protesters gathered on the corner of Youree Drive and East 70th Street in Shreveport. Protesters gathered on the corner of Youree Drive and East 70th Street in Shreveport.

Protests against the possibility of military action on Syria have popped up in the Ark-La-Tex.

Drivers honked and even cheered as they passed by a protest with one goal, to prevent the U.S. from bombing Syria. Protest organizer James Burns says he feels that military action is not the answer. "91 percent of the population is against anymore action, anymore war. Especially unnecessary war. It's a civil war and anymore action is only going to cost more lives, especially innocent men, women, and children. Plus, it's going to put all of our men and women in uniform in harms way, and it's going to cost us hundreds of millions of dollars, possibly billions of dollars that we just can't afford anymore."

However, burns admits that there are some good things coming from this debate, "conservatives, liberals, libertarians, independents, moderates. It's a very unifying effect. We have a whole bunch of different people out here from all different walks of life. We have people supporting us from different walks of life. That's what we need in this country right now, less division and more unity."

Others agreed, like 17 year-old Michael Manno, who joined the protest to share his opinion on the crisis in Syria and the debate about who exactly gassed and killed innocent more than 14-hundred civilians, including more than 400-children. "There's not that much proof that the actual government of Syria did this. It could've been the rebels trying to put pressure on the government."

Protester Randall Lord is also against military action but does feel that 'something' needs to be done. "I think that if they used chemical weapons against their own people, that's absolutely horrible and that they should be held accountable, but for us to go unilaterally and destroy a few different targets and run off doesn't do any good. In fact, it can do a lot of harm."

Instead of military action, the protesters said they would rather see a diplomatic solution.

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