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Heat exhaustion blamed for sickening 5 middle school students


Emergency crews were called to an Ark-La-Tex middle school on Friday after several children became ill during their Physical Education class.

Around 10:30 Friday morning, Shreveport EMT's were called to Broadmoor Middle Laboratory School, located in the 400 block of Atlantic Avenue.

According to Victor Mainiero, Director of Communications for Caddo Public Schools, five Broadmoor 7th grade students were outside during their P.E. class when they began having breathing problems. EMT's determined the children all had heat exhaustion.

Mainiero says two of the students were taken to LSU Hospital, one was taken to Christus Schumpert Highland, and another was picked up by a parent.

"Some of them have asthma, some of them don't, but because of the heat they are wheezing, so they had to take my daughter to LSU to get her checked out," said Ida Jefferson, whose daughter was one of the students who had trouble breathing.

Weather data from KSLA News 12 Meteorologist Ron Young indicated at that time, the temperature in Shreveport was 86 degrees with 65% humidity and a heat index of 93 degrees.

Physical education teacher Harriett Boddie tells KSLA News 12 the incident happened in her class, while they were outside running the mile, something they do once a month. Boddie explained the class was only outside for 25 minutes and she encouraged each student to bring water, hats, and sunglasses outside with them. 

Mainiero describes this is an isolated incident and explained the parish will continue to hold PE classes outside, as long as the heat index doesn't reach a certain point. "When that heat gets up to a point in the upper 90's and of course in the afternoon when it's getting into the 100's, then of course they are going to be inside," said Mainiero.


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