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2-A-Days Preview: Northwood High School

With 27 seniors, experience should not be a problem for the Northwood Falcons. It's the expectations that might do them in.

"You've got to get lucky too," said Jim Gatlin, head coach at Southwood. "We've got to stay away from injuries. We've got to have a good attitude. So far that's happened."

With the exception of one offensive lineman out to injury, the Falcons have 19 returning starters from a squad that went deep in the playoffs.

"Practice goes a little easier with those guys that have the experience," said Gatlin. "You're not, you'd spend time with some of the younger ones but it is nice to have the quarterback that we have and the set of receivers that we have. That's definitely going to be our strong point.

"it's a coaches dream but it could be a nightmare if it doesn't go right."

With new additionis to the 4A district this season, the goal of an outright district title has become more of a challenge.

"You throw in the Huntington's, the Woodlawn's, the Fair Parks and now you throw in the N. Desoto's and Loyola's who are used to winning. It's all about who plays the best on Fridays."

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