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KSLA News 12 Editorial: Aug. 26th-Coushatta Mayor

It's important for people in positions of power, positions of authority not to abuse it. And that's why what is going on now with the mayor of Coushatta, Louisiana is disturbing.

Earlier this month Coushatta police officers were conducting a routine traffic stop on the street where Mayor Johnny Cox lives. The mayor comes out of his house and confronts the police officer, basically telling him to stop what he's doing and to get out of there. You can hear it for yourself on a recording made in the police car.

Mayor Cox has no right to confront the police officer in this situation. And, we're told, it's not the first time the mayor has tried to intimidate those in the police department.

Being the mayor of a small town is a big deal…but it doesn't make you king.

I'm James Smith.

Viewer comment from C.F.:

A position such as mayor you are required to respect the position,and the people that voted you in,and follow moral,and ethical guidelines.There really wasin't any direct racial slur detected.Only an abuse of power,and authority.some people think they are above the law because they have a position of power,and authority when they ought to know there is a higher power greater than themselves that everyone has to answer to.There are legal issues that need to be investigated,and moral,and values issues that needs to be upheld.True,everybody makes mistakes,but that don't give anyone the right to abuse their position to make themselves look good,but make everyone else look like the low man on the totum pole.Our town of coushatta has been embarassed by this incident,and the reputation of this town has been scared.The only way to make things right is for the mayor to apologize to the town of coushatta,the police officer,and the people that voted him in in the first place.I would of never interfered in a police traffic stop if I was in his position of authority.the officer was doing his job serveing and protecting the community,and the people.Who in their right mind would do such a thing.Lastly what do you call a baker who slices his cake while it's still in the oven.My reply not a baker.what do you call a mayor that slices up his town when others are trying to unite it.I would call him not a mayor.Our morals,and values need to be implemented into our spiritual lifes,our physical lives,and our positions of authority.If we just stop and listen to our higher power which is God  we will be able to comprehend what we are supposed to do on,and off the job,in our family life,and our personal life.Too much power,money,and authority will cause some people to think they are exempt from the law that is over them,and cause them to fall into failure.Mayor johnny cox needs to do what is right,and Godly,and put it all behind him,or resign and let someone with morals,values,and integredy do the job.   

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