Team Knock It Off begins 12 week journey

Losing weight and keeping it off can be difficult but KSLA News 12 is helping viewers get in shape. Wednesday night KSLA Anchor Domonique Benn introduced you to the 12 new members of Team Knock It Off.

This time around there are three alternates. It's our second weight loss challenge and our nutrition experts wasted no time telling the team what they have to do to be successful.

LSU Health Nutrition Expert Dr. Dennis Wissing suggested moving large serving dishes away from the dinner table and onto the kitchen counter. He also suggested using smaller serving spoons and smaller plates when eating.

Dr. Wissing said this will help keep your portion sizes down.

There are different reasons for each member wanting to join the team. Team member Tiffany Burden, said she has a birthday this week and will be turning 40. She said she joined because she wants to be fit and fine at 40.

Kristi Junkin is another team member and said in the last 3-4 years she put on 50-75 pounds.

Kristi says she wants to be able to keep up with her three kids. Marcus Smith also jumped at the opportunity to join this challenge. He says with four daughters, he wants to be able to chase the men away.

It takes a lot to step on the scale in front of thousands of viewers, but this team says they are ready for their new bodies. The scale was a wake up call for all of them. After the initial weigh in, we took measurements. In 12 weeks, we will introduce the new bodies.

Right now the team weighs a total of 3138 pounds.

Each week, the team meets for workouts, weigh-ins, and support.

Each week, Domonique will air a story on the team's progress.