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Police hope billboards will crack Shreveport double murder cold case


Shreveport police are hoping to re ignite an investigation into a decade old unsolved double murder, by calling attention to it with billboards.

Ten years ago this month, Monica Harris and her boyfriend Calvin Washington were found murdered in their Shreveport Cherokee Park home. A decade later, police still don't know who did it. But the new efforts by the Crime Stoppers division of the department are giving the families of the murder victim's a sliver of hope, this cold case could be solved.

"We haven't given up, we never will give up, no matter what," said Monica Harris' dad Kenneth Harris. Years ago all leads in the Monica Harris murder case went cold.  But her father Kenneth Harris is determined get justice and so is the Shreveport Police Department.  "They told me 10 years ago, they are not going to give up and they stuck with their word," said Harris.
August is particularly tough for the Harris family. It marks not only what would have been Monica's birthday but also the month she was shot and killed along with her boyfriend Calvin Washington. Her 2 month old daughter and 4 year old son were inside at the time, but left unharmed. "I thank God my grandchildren are still here," said Harris. Those kids are now 10 and 14 years old and were forced to grow up without their mother. "We've been through a long 10 years of not knowing anything," said Harris, but Crime Stoppers detectives are hoping to change that. They say several Crime Stopper billboards with Monica's face on them will be put up around the Cherokee Park and nearby areas, urging the public to come forward with information.
Harris explained to KSLA News 12, the effort means a lot to his family, "The billboard will bring extra life into the case." Police are finalizing details before putting the boards up.  They say the billboards are a way to let the families know they are still working on the case. Police say they haven't given up hope and neither has Harris.  

"Hopefully now, this 10th year will be a chance to overcome everything and we'll get closure," said Harris.

 Sergeant Jim Taliaferro says they expect the billboards to be put up by the end of the week.  

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