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Stabbing victim's family claims justice has been delayed much too long

Omerro Montgomery was stabbed to death in his DeSoto Parish home in 2008. Omerro Montgomery was stabbed to death in his DeSoto Parish home in 2008.
The sisters of a Mansfield stabbing victim say it's time for justice. The sisters of a Mansfield stabbing victim say it's time for justice.

The family of a Mansfield man that was murdered in 2008 says it's time for those responsible to pay. Family members of Omerro Montgomery say he was asleep at home when four women made their way inside his house to confront him.

That's when they say something went terribly wrong and their beloved brother was stabbed and killed. Police say Montgomery's ex-girlfriend, Rakyia Lane, was one of those four women who entered the house. She was later arrested for his murder.

But, that was back in 2008 and after what the family says was a shoddy investigation, Lane has bonded out and is back on the streets along with the rest of the suspects involved.

The passage of time often heals wounds, but for the family of Omerro Montgomery it's done nothing but intensify it.  Montgomery's sister Roshonda Lewis says, "No answers, nothing is being done about it."

Montgomery's other sister, Sophoria Lewis, says "I really do think it's taking very much too long for this."

Five long years. That's how long it's been since these sisters have seen the face of their brother Omerro, who they say he was stabbed in his heart.

"Dead? I just couldn't process it and she was like he's gone. Dead? I was like oh my God," says Roshonda.

Another woman, Mechico Wyatt was also arrested for principal to commit murder.  The Lewis sisters say Wyatt served a short sentence and then go out but something still didn't sit right with them.

Roshonda says "I feel like a lot of covering up went on. A lot of things weren't handled right with the case to begin with."

"The way the crime scene was handled, us going in the home, evidence and stuff was still there," says Sophoria.

Roshonda says, evidence, including the murder weapon was left at the scene after the police left. These issues lead to even more questions about why the case the case still hasn't gone to trial.

According to the sisters, Desoto Parish District Attorney Richard Johnson took himself off the case because of a conflict of interest. The case was then passed to the State Attorney General's office in 2011, that's when the family says all progress stopped.

KSLA contacted the Cliff Strider with the State Attorney's Office in Baton Rouge who says, "It's very complicated.  We've had a number of pre-trial motions which require time to prepare and to handle and additionally there have been some other complications with attorneys.  The case is proceeding absolutely as quickly as we can."

Strider also tells KSLA that he has been in contact with Montgomery's mother, the Lewis sisters say that's not the case.

"The people who are responsible and who did it are still walking around with their lives," says Roshonda.

Sophoria adds, "I know that have a person who they are saying do it. All I want is for the right person to serve, let justice be done."

Until then Sophoria has a special message for her brother."I love you and I miss you. You have never been forgotten and you always have a place in my heart."

Strider did say that pre-trial hearings are scheduled for October 12 of this year and the actual trial is set to begin on November 12.  When KSLA told the sisters those dates, they said that was the first time they've heard a trial date had been set.

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