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Clarksville sportsplex vandalized


A Clarksville coach says there's no telling how many local kids could have been hurt by the damage done by vandals at the Swan Lake Sports Complex.

"I'm very angry," said David Baggett, a coach with the Clarksville Girls' Softball Association. "To have it torn up - as many years as it took us to raise the money to build this - very angry."

Monday morning, Baggett layered coat after coat of paint on one of the complex's buildings. He was covering profane words written by vandals.

"In about three or four days, I'm going to have several young ladies out here, ages 4 to 18 years old," said Baggett. "Needless to say, I want to get this covered up very soon."

Baggett said he volunteers nany hours at the complex for local girls including his two daughters.

"I'm not just teaching them to play softball," said Baggett. "I'm teaching them to be better people in society. It's never good when someone does something to take that away from them."

For two days over the weekend, Clarksville police said vandals came to the complex and left nearly $1,500 in damages including graffiti, shattered floodlights, a damaged electric meter, a ripped garage door, and stolen lawn equipment. 

"What they had done was get under the garage door here mainly to get softballs out to bust all our security lights," said Baggett. "They took the softball bats, and it looks like they beat on the lawnmowers and tried to break the locks on the garage doors."

Police have charged 19-year-old Dylan Cato and 18-year-old Devin Crabtree with the vandalism.

"Them doing something like this is taking from kids," said Baggett. "They have a second chance. They need to take advantage of it. They're going down the wrong path. They need to stop quick."

Layering on his last coat of paint, Baggett said the work he's doing for local girls and his own daughters is too important to let a vandalism stop him from playing ball.

"This is something we pride, and these girls have a place to call home," said Baggett. "Somebody vandalizes what these girls call home, that really upsets us."

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