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New TX "move over" law to include TxDOT vehicles, workers

From TxDOT:

September not only brings the start of fall, but also the start of a new requirement for Texas drivers. The state's Move Over/Slow Down law, which traditionally has required drivers to yield to police, fire and emergency vehicles, has now been expanded to provide that same protection for Texas Department of Transportation workers. Effective Sept. 1, drivers must move over or slow down when approaching TxDOT workers and vehicles that are stopped with overhead flashing blue or amber lights.

"This law has been saving the lives of first responders in Texas since 2003," said TxDOT spokesman Larry Krantz. "As first responders ourselves, we're pleased to be included under the protections this law provides."

The new addition to the Move Over law requires motorists to move out of the lane closest to the TxDOT vehicle when possible or reduce their speed to 20 miles per hour below the posted limit. If the road does not offer multiple lanes, the driver must slow down. On roadways with posted speed limits of 25 miles per hour or less, drivers must reduce their speed to 5 miles per hour. Violators can be fined up to $2,000.

Radio announcements and statewide billboards will help raise awareness of the new Move Over/Slow Down law.

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