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Police follow blood trail to man struck by train, find 30 marijuana plants


 An East Texas man is in the intensive care unit after being hit by a train last night, but it's what authorities found when trying to tend to his injuries that has criminal charges pending against him.  

Troup Police say just before 7 p.m., a man was hit at the train tracks near County Line Road. He was seriously injured and fled to a nearby home. When police responded, the man was gone, but blood on the ground told them he was somewhere nearby. Police say with the help of some eye witnesses and just following the blood trail the man left behind, they were able to trace him from the railroad tracks to a house about 200 yards away.

"Cops just came over here and asked if I knew somebody who lived there," says Vicki Brown who lives next door.

Vicki says there was police activity at her neighbor's house for hours. She says she didn't know what was going on but saw an ambulance parked nearby.

"Police cars, officers looking around, going in the house and the trailer... " describes Vicki.

According to police, they entered the home on a medical emergency looking to help the injured man. They say they didn't find him in the house, but they did find 4 marijuana plants growing under a lamp and 18 more plants hanging up in a bedroom.

Still searching for the man, authorities knocked on the door of a travel trailer in the yard. Police say they found the man inside, with serious injuries. Inside the trailer, police say they also found 8 more marijuana plants. According to police, the man has broken ribs and a very deep cut on his arm. Troup Police Chief Pat Hendrix says charges will be filed against the man when he is released from the hospital.

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