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Family First: Tae Kwon Do and the art of self-defense


On any given day you may hear what sounds like war cries coming from the Southern Hills Recreational Center. Those are the sounds of self-defense, and they're coming from students of the Tae Kwon Do students of Impact Martial Arts Academy. Those war cries are called "Kias."

The class is taught by 10 year combat veteran Steven Newton. Newton has practiced Martial Arts for 20 years. After a tour in Iraq, he came back to Shreveport hoping to pass on the lessons he's learned through Tae Kwon Do.

"Annihilating with the hand and annihilating with the foot. So the idea is if we have to put our hands on you or our feet, the goal is to annihilate." says Newton.

SPAR opened the door for Newton to teach these techniques to people of all ages, to prepare them if they should ever find themselves face to face with a possible intruder or attacker.

Some students, like Dionne Simmons, have made it a family affair. "My son is learning, but what happens if my son is not with me and I'm out somewhere and I need to know how to protect myself in the event something happens?"

She says Newton teaches her real life situations that could happen to almost anyone.

While the moves give a feeling of protection, Newton emphasizes discipline. He says the moves can be dangerous and potentially deadly and should not be practiced at home with friends.

Newton says it builds confidence in the community to know that if a situation should arise, his students will know what to do. "To have children and adults to walk around with integrity, selfless service, honor and dignity, those are good things that are taught, those are values that I believe are missing in our communities."

And if learning Tae Kwon Do doesn't interest you as a method of self-defense, Newton says it's also a great way to work out.

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