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Outraged community: Caddo schools still have no superintendent

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There is outrage and frustration following the Caddo Parish School Board's decision Tuesday night to appoint Mary Nash Robinson as interim superintendent.

That decision was made after Nash Robinson agreed to take on the temporary post, and it removes her from consideration for the permanent job.

The school board has already spent $30,000 on an outside company to conduct the search ended Tuesday without a selection. Now, they're starting all over again, just days before the start of the new school year. KSLA News 12 has learned that the company has offered to conduct the search again at no extra charge.

Many are asking why the board didn't just select John Dilworth, the other finalist in the running for the job. "If she has enough to be an interim, isn't that the same as it would take to be superintendent?" asks district employee Jon Glover.

The school board felt that was not an option because there were not enough votes to place him in the seat, and it's a decision that should not be made by default simply because of the withdrawal of the only other candidate.

Still, Caddo residents like Susie Scott want action. "I believe that the school board needs to step up to the plate, get their act together." "I think it is absolutely ridiculous,' adds fellow Caddo resident Shelly Bole. "They could have moved a lot faster, but again, that seems to me that's what is making it a political thing."

Sonda Vandant feels that the new search is just unnecessary. "That's just wasting tax payers money by going all over again and they had 2 perfect candidates."

Instead, the school board is going back to the drawing board to find new candidates. "We didn't get nothing accomplished," says District 12 representative Dottie Bell. "I'm embarrassed. But my thing is that, is we are going to have to take this serious."

Mary Nash Robinson will act as superintendent until they hire someone permanently for the seat. Some are worried there are no eligible candidates left. "There's not going to be superintendents that are good that are not hired already, so we're stuck," says Bole.

Adding to that the possibility of a new price tag for the continued search, and taxpayers like Holly Lambert are beginning to wonder whose best interests are being served. "I think, in the last few years, they have gotten out of control, as far as they way they handle things. I don't think they necessarily have the best interests of our children all the time."

KSLA News 12 spoke with John Dilworth about the decision to start the search over. He says he has not decided whether he will re-apply again for the job.

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