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'Steal' of a deal leaves renters on the run

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Nathan & Kaitlin Presnell are persons of interest Nathan & Kaitlin Presnell are persons of interest
A 2,000 brick patio was stolen, brick by brick A 2,000 brick patio was stolen, brick by brick

Everything but the kitchen sink. But they did take the tub.

A Shreveport man says his renters bailed on their lease, but took much of his property on the way out of town.

"In fact I gave them 3 months free rent, "says a shocked Kenneth Taylor.

After not receiving his June rent payment, Taylor traveled out to his Midlake Marina home at Lake Bistineau to check on his property.

He says the renters, Nathan and Kaitlin Presnell, were no where to be found. But he adds they were not the only things missing.

"I had a claw foot tub over here," says Taylor, as he begins running down the list of missing items.

Building supplies, including lumber and marble, are now missing from his property. He pointed out where his custom built solid oak cabinets used to be installed on the wall. Those were taken as well.

Taylor says his renters didn't stop with the inside of the house.

"Who steals a carport?", Taylor laughs.

The carport on the side of his home, a concrete front porch, heavy concrete patio furniture and the entire brick patio itself is all missing. Taylor says that patio was built with close to 2,000 bricks.

"The disgusting part, you try to help somebody and they do this to you."

Webster Parish investigators say evidence shows the Presnells may have sold much of Taylor's property on Craigslist. Nathan Presnell is wanted out of Washington state. Now he and his wife Kaitlin are persons of interest in this bizarre theft.

If you know where the Presnells may be or if you may have bought some of the stolen items online, you're urged to contact the Webster Parish detective direct at 318-371-4311.

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