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State Senate considering background checks for pet owners


Sandy Darnell has owned a number of pets over the years.

"I have three dogs and two cats," Darnell said.

Her last pet came from a shelter. She says she wouldn't have a problem proving she is fit to adopt a pet.

"I think that would be a good way to get thinned out," Darnell said.

That may soon be a requirement for all of those considering getting their next pet from an animal shelter. Right now, the state Senate is looking at a package of bills that would call for criminal backgrounds for potential pet owners.

Kevin Wilkins is with the Saginaw Animal Care Center. He believes a background check may mean fewer abused animals coming into his shelter.

"The more information we have, the better," said Wilkins.

The bills would also prohibit those convicted of abusing animals from adopting from a shelter for at least five years.

Meanwhile, The Saginaw County Animal Shelter says they have an over abundance of cats. Right now, it will only cost 50 dollars instead of the usual 90 to adopt a cat.

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