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Dead dog stinks up Shreveport neighborhood


Neighbors are fed up with the time it took the City of Shreveport to remove a rotting and smelly dog from a empty lot on the corner of a neighborhood. Neighbors tell KSLA News 12, the dead dog was left on the 400 block of Harrison Street in Shreveport for three days.

"That was a neighborhood dog, it's kind of sad that he's gone," said neighbor Tommy Brenton, who says the stray dog was hit by a car. Some neighbors moved the dog away from the road and covered it with a shirt. The carcass stayed in that spot for days in the heat, decomposing and attracting flies.  "It's kind of nasty, it's nasty!" Brenton said. 

"It stinks, every time the wind blows, you can smell it," said James Chelette, who lives across the street from where the dog was rotting. He explained that everybody has been complaining about the smell and added he'd been trying, with little success, to get the attention of Shreveport City Leaders.  "I've called the city, I called the garbage department, Mayor Cedric Glover, so far I haven't gotten a response from the city," said Chelette. "They are not doing their jobs!" he exclaimed in frustration. 

While he was upset, his neighbor Brenton feels confident the city had everything under control. "They'll get to it when they get to it," he said and just before our crews were about to leave, a sanitation truck pulled up. The worker told us he was there to remove the dog.  "Why does it take a few days to get the dog removed here?" We asked the sanitation worker. "Well we've been so busy. Going overtime, ya know?" said the worker. The dog was then thrown into the truck and hauled off.
While Chelette is happy to breath in fresh air again, he's still fed up it took days. "Really it's unsanitary, it's nasty," he said. 

KSLA News 12 reached out to city officials to see if road kill clean up is limited in Shreveport. We asked about whether picking up carcasses is a priority, and if overtime concerns is a factor in keeping issues like this from being addressed in a timely manner.  
We'll keep you updated.  

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