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Shriners doc still makes 'house calls'

Jack lives in Grove, OK and is seen by Shreveport's Dr. Gates twice a year. Jack lives in Grove, OK and is seen by Shreveport's Dr. Gates twice a year.

Believe it or not, a Shreveport doctor still makes house calls. Twice a year. 800 miles round trip each time.

"Nothing like a 15 passenger van, right?", laughingly says Dr. Phillip Gates, the chief of staff at Shriner's Hospital for Children in Shreveport.

Dr. Gates and a handful of nurses and nurse practitioners travel to the Oklahoma City to help dozens of Oklahoma children, twice a year. These are patients whose parents would otherwise have to drive all the way to Shreveport for appointments.

"Long ago I fell in love with the children," adds Dr. Gates, who says this was a no-brainer thing to do to help the kids especially since 25 percent of Shriner's patients are from Oklahoma.

The team from Shriners travels to The Children's Center to hosts around 65 appointments in 3 days time.

Tiffany Porter from Grove, Oklahoma drives her son Jack to The Children's Center twice a year to meet with Dr. Gates.

"Whenever we go to Shriners, we go the day before to Shreveport and then the appointment is the next day," says Mrs. Porter.

She adds the doctor's 'house calls' saves them tons of time and money, especially since they're already handling so much when it comes to Jack's care.

"Dr. Gates is one of the few surgeons with a passion for the specialty of kids with disabilities," says Dr. Edward Wright with The Children's Center.

Dr. Gates adds, "It's been a wonderful relationship we've been able to develop."

Mrs. Porter is excited her family is on the receiving end of such a great working relationship.

"I think it shows his heart for our kids, his commitment to kids and their families."

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