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No deliveries in a 'not so normal' mailbox


After a man in Creal Springs took a creative approach in making a mailbox out of recycled material, mail carriers are now refusing to deliver his mail.

According to Jerry Moore, two tires, a litter box container and a plastic bottle equal one quality mailbox.

"When I found these different items, I said they work," says Moore.

A far cry from the mailboxes you might normally see.

But Moore says what might be trash to some is a useful way for him to reuse materials that otherwise would be harmful to the environment.

"If you look around, you probably do have a lot of resources within your home already that you're not using that you could repurpose, that way you can save your cash to buy other things that you might need," he said.

The mailbox is just one way Moore and his family recycle.

A sort of lifestyle hard not to notice-if you can look past the mailbox.

"This is our field of operations," said Moore. "And so we have the pasture area and that is open for everything that we have. And you probably can see my pigeons over there."

But not everyone sees Moore's lifestyle that way.

The post office says they can't to deliver his mail because the make-shift mailbox doesn't meet USPS guidelines.

"They just said we are not going to approve your box."

That's even after Moore made some upgrades.

"Mine has a handle just like the store bought model, the flag is down there," Moore said.

But Moore isn't giving up just yet.

"We're going to continue to continue negotiations with the postmasters and hopefully come to some type of resolution that mail call can survive," he said.

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