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LSU Medical Center employees nervous about job futures


Many employees at LSU Medical Center say they are worried about the upcoming takeover of the public hospital by a private organization.

After months of speculation, it was formally announced Thursday that all employees at LSU Health Shreveport will be laid off and asked to re-apply. That's 2,300 people.

Biomedical Research Foundation is the private company taking over the hospital management by October 1. The reapplication process starts August 5. By August 28, some employees may get their jobs back. BRF says most people should be offered a their jobs back. "When you reapply, you'll be offered a salary and it's going to be up to the individual whether you want to stay or go or accept the offer," says Janice Priest, the union president for LSU Medical Center employees.

"It's a big change. Through the years we've worked for the state, we've had good benefits and time off and all of a sudden everything has changed, we have new people come in and taking over" Priest says. BRF is not new to the area, and they have worked well with LSU Medical Center. "They've been in the BRI building for years, and good rapport, they research and work with a lot of the professors here in the research facility as well as the hospital, I'm not going to say it's a bad thing, it's a good thing" Priest says.

"Mixed emotions, I must say, since it is somewhat a complete innovation, we don't know a lot of things" Bobby Bradley, union representative, says. "I really don't know exactly what's going to happen but I'm going to stick it out to find out to the end, sometime changes can be good" Tracey Smith, LSU Medical Center employee, says. Priest says change can be hard, "you've worked here all your life, some people have been working here 20 to 30 years so now all of a sudden, either you retire or you reapply to see if you're going to get a job. You're still not guaranteed a job even if you reapply." 

KSLA News 12 spoke with BRF's vice president. He said he does not know if anyone will lose their jobs, or what exactly the changes will be until the process is over.

One thing employees are looking forward to is the prospect of adding some employees to their staff. Once this news hit, many ran for the door. According to the union representative, the hospital was not hiring any new people until the takeover was complete. That meant longer hours and new shifts for many. We'll keep you updated as the takeover continues.

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