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Driver threatened with gun after Murfreesboro road rage


A Murfreesboro man said he feared for his life after a road rage incident on Monday. A driver of another car apparently got so angry; he cracked the man's windshield and threatened to shoot him.

Victim Ricardo Greer said he's never been involved in a road rage incident until now. He was on his way to pick up his wife from work, when he encountered an angry driver.

Greer said he was on Warrior Drive and turned left on New Salem Hwy, as the lanes started to merge, he sped up to pass a car. But the other driver wasn't having it. According to Greer, the driver passed him and slammed on his brakes.

"I guess he thought I was trying to be mean or rude by cutting him off, so he drove up and cut me off and slammed on his brakes," Greer said. "I thought I had hit him, so that's when I pulled over and the whole incident started from there."

The two got out of their vehicles and exchanged words, but things really got out of hand from there. Greer said the other driver went to his car, got a cologne bottle, threw it at his car, and cracked the windshield. He said the threats became more serious.

"Yeah, he threatened to shoot me and fight me," Greer said.

The driver, Naim Mohommed Abulaban left the scene before police arrived.

Murfreesboro police are encouraging drivers to ignore other aggressive drivers.

Just last year, a grandfather was on his way to take his grand kids to school, and was involved in a road rage incident on NW Broad Street. He was killed when the other driver ran him off the road.

"It's something that can range from exchanging a few words and ruining each other day, to something where someone is actually killed," said Sgt. Kyle Evans, Murfreessboro police spokesman.

In the most recent incident, cops later caught up with Abulaban. He was stopped for having a broken tail light. Police also found traces of marijuana in his car, and gave him a citation and a warning for the busted tail light. He wasn't charged for the road rage incident.

We reached out to Abulaban by phone, and he said, ‘he has nothing to say.'

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