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KSLA News 12 Editorial: July 24, 2013-Freedom to Pray

It seems we should all have the Freedom to Pray.

But when federal funds were cut for a Youth Program in Bossier Parish it calls that freedom into question.

The program is operated by Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington. The Young Marines Program is for students under the age of 18. It's a character building program and as part of that, the kids can voluntarily participate in student led prayer.

Because of those prayers, the federal government withdrew $15,000 in funding.

Now U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu is co-sponsoring Freedom to Pray Act Legislation that would prohibit the federal government from withholding funds in such cases.

Now, I understand the separation of church and state but sometimes common sense needs to come into play. I don't see a problem with voluntary prayer in the sheriff's program.

Let me know what you think.

I'm James Smith.

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