Court allows Explo to continue operations

Court allows Explo to continue operations

CAMP MINDEN, LA (KSLA) - Explo Systems, Inc. will be allowed to continue to operate on their property leased at Camp Minden, but Louisiana State Police are asking for some limits.

Explo has continued operations at their leased site on the National Guard Base since they won a temporary restraining order in early June that forced the Louisiana State Police to return their licenses and the keys to the bunkers storing the military propellant that investigators say was improperly stored.

Louisiana State Police has submitted parameters for the extent of the operations. They are being reviewed by the court and are expected to have an answer within 72 hours. LSP Spokesperson Lt. Julie Lewis was unable to provide details on what those requested parameters are.

Some Doyline residents tell KSLA News 12 they aren't happy with the court's ruling. "My biggest fear is this will probably happen again, it was by the grace of God we weren't blown to smithereens," said Doyline resident Vanessa Mayfield.

She and neighbor Gaytha Bryant said they think communication about what's happening in the courts should be clearer to residents, "They should have let us know, we should have a town meeting, Explo should come face to face with us."

According to State Rep. Jeff Thompson, who wasn't at the hearing, the court's extension of Explo's ability to operate will be limited to efforts to market and sell the product that's already there and not to produce more.

Thompson says the agreement being written up by attorneys from both sides will be submitted to the court for approval is intended to ensure the security of the people of Doyline.

The company was blamed for the evacuation of Doyline, La., last year when millions of pounds of a propellant called M6 was discovered haphazardly stored, some of in boxes outside at Camp Minden, a Louisiana National Guard base.

Explo Systems had a multimillion-dollar military contract to dismantle military propellant charges.

Six of the company's employees and officers were indicted by a Webster Parish grand jury on June 10 for their alleged role in the improper storage. The charges they face include unlawful storage of explosives, reckless storage of explosives, failure to obtain magazine license, failure to properly mark, explosive material, and failure to keep accurate inventory. There are also conspiracy charges for each of those, since more than two people were allegedly involved.

According to Rep. Thompson, those indicted will not be permitted back on the property.

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