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John Dilworth interviewed for Caddo superintendent job


John Dilworth was the first of three Caddo Parish superintendent candidates to face the media, public, and school board members on Monday.

"I certainly want to go talk to the parents in those communities, I want to talk to the principals and educators in those communities, students and then work collaboratively to decide what we need to do with those schools" Dilworth says.

Many in the community have been keeping up with the on the search. "If it has to begin with us relocating educator, administrators, even staff members from the schools that are doing well to bring them into the setting to see if that helps and where the problem truly lies, that would be one way," says Jon Glover, an employee with Caddo Parish schools. "We need someone who is truly and genuinely concerned about the students of Caddo Parish, but not only the students but the employees who we entrust to take care of the kids in Caddo Parish."

Dilworth says that the Caddo Parish school system can grow if strong relationships are formed. "If we treat them with respect and we love these children the way we want these children to be loved, and if we truly care, amazing things start to happen, discipline problems start to disappear, and student achievement starts to go up."

Dilworth was the superintendent in East Baton Rouge. He resigned twice from the position. KSLA News 12 asked him why: "my wife became ill and I wanted to be closer to family. Then the board said he is leaving because of micro management. There was some of it, but I never said that. Never. The second time is that after being in Baton Rouge for 18 months, I had worked with 19 board members."

KSLA News 12 asked him if we can count on him to stay through his contract in Caddo Parish, if he is chosen. His response, "I'd stay as long as I feel like I am making a difference. Ok? I'd stay as long as I feel like the majority of the board and the employees want me to stay and they're doing things that are required to make us a strong district."

Tuesday, Agnella Perera from Isle of Wight, Virginia will go through the process. Wednesday, Caddo Parish's Mary Nash Robinson will. "I'm just looking to get the best person for the job" Glover says.

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