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Waitress to mother: Thanks for breastfeeding in public


We've heard stories of shocking comments on restaurant receipts before, but this one is a little different.

"And then I noticed the baby stopped crying and I kind of like my ears kind of perked up and said, 'Well, I know why babies stop crying instantly,'" Waitress Bodi Kinney said.

Kinney was serving a young family at a Des Moines, IA, pizza place when the mom started breast feeding her 1-year-old. The mom was worried this would upset some people, but she said it's what she had to do.

In fact, the mother didn't upset anyone.

The waitress said she was actually impressed by the mom, so she paid for the family's pizza and wrote on the receipt "I bought one of your pizzas. Please thank your wife for breastfeeding."

"And I read it several times, and tears started welling in my eyes, and I thought, ‘I can't believe that this just happened,'" the mother, Jackie Johnson-Smith, said.

An image of the receipt with that message on it has since gone viral.

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