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Could Kennedy Dr. murder be crime of hate?

Friends say McKinney sometimes dressed as a woman. Friends say McKinney sometimes dressed as a woman.

Could it be a crime of hate? That's the question on the minds of some in a Shreveport neighborhood.

Friends of a murder victim say they want those responsible caught after they felt 50-year-old Jock Maurice McKinney may have been targeted because of his sexuality.

He was found lying in the street in the 5600 block of Kennedy Dr. near the Clear Horizons apartments just before 1 a.m. on July 12th.  Police say he had been shot at least once. He was taken to LSU Hospital, where he died.

"For somebody to take his life and just throw it away in the streets, it's wrong. Regardless of what he was or who he was, he was still a human," says Carolyn Daniel who claims she is a lifelong friend of McKinney.

Shock, sadness and sympathy, these are all emotions McKinney's friends used to paint a picture about what happened to their loved one. "One single shot and after that Maurice was gone. He was gone," says Carolyn.

Witnesses say he was on his way back from the store where he went to all the time.

Another friend, Roberta Daniel tells us "He would go out and cross dress at night. You know, we know him as being himself."

Friends also say McKinney lived as a man by day and sometimes as a woman by night.  He went by the name "Valerie".  It was a lifestyle his friends say that may have cost him his last breath.

"To hurt another person because of his sexuality is wrong or because he's black or because he's gay or whatever. Jew, or whatever. It hurts," says Carolyn.

The pain they suffer is only subdued with stories of his compassion.

Carolyn says "I had breast cancer two years ago.  Maurice came to live with me and my sister to take care of me while I went through my chemo and that's a hurting thing."

While the warm memories do persist, Carolyn has a message for those responsible.

"If you did it for fun you're wrong.  God sits high and looks low. You can believe that."

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