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ETX high school class ring returned 13 years later


Brad Beekman is holding his Ore City High School ring forthe first time in 13 years.

"I got to graduate with it and then Iwent on the senior trip and that was it," Beekman says.

He lost the ring at a water park inDestin, Florida two months after he got it.

"I chalked that ring up as gonemany years."

Until Monday, when a small box landed on his doorstep.

"Girlfriend brings me the box and says, ‘Here,there's something for you.' She says, ‘Read the letter first.'"

The letter was from his dad.

"Dear Brad, a few weeks ago a man phoned me at work. He wanted toknow if I was your dad and he had found the ring back in 2000. He has beentrying all this time to track you down," Beekman read.

He says it was a moment he will never forget, "No words can explain it. The feeling is just... chills. His nonstop search for somebody else's ring. A lot of peoplewouldn't do that, they would have pawned it or sold it."

The man who found the ring held onto itfor more than a decade and when he finally got in touch with Brad Beekman'sfamily he realized they weren't strangers.

"After my dad was talking to him, that'swhen they started communicating and found out that he was actually related tothe family. His mom was married to one of my forefathers," Beekman says.

He believes it was fate because the ringsymbolizes more than his diploma.

"We live here, we grow up here, we raisekids here, you know, this is home," says Beekman.

And now the ring is right where itbelongs - next to his mother's and brother's rings, also proud graduates of OreCity High School.

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