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Slick roads on Haughton highway causes accidents

This car slid off the road and broke a gas line This car slid off the road and broke a gas line

While it was good to get the rain on Monday, it may have also contributed to some local problems. There's a specific road in Haughton that concerns people who live near it, especially when it rains. 

"I called my husband Chris and said 'Chris, they're in the ditch again'," said Haughton Resident Carol Busby. Each time it rains, she and her neighbors, who live along highway 614 in Haughton, have come to expect cars crashing into their yards.

"They take out gas meters, mailboxes. Anything in its path is gone," says Christine Thomas. Thomas says it happens so often that, when the roads get slick, she and her neighbors have their phones ready to call 9-1-1.
"People have been pinned upside down, in between culverts and trees," said Thomas, she and her neighbor Busby say the problems started 4 years ago, when this road was re-paved.
"It's just become a hazard!" says Busby, who blames the accidents on a dip in the road that fills with water.  

The neighbors say more than 20 cars have hydroplaned off the road because of the pavement's deformation.
"They hit that cup in the road and they can't steer out of it, they can't brake, they can't do anything," said Thomas.
Luckily so far, no one has been seriously hurt. But after a car busted a gas line for the second time after Monday's rainfall, the neighbors agreed to stop accepting the accidents as routine. Now they vow to get the attention of officials, before someone gets hurt.
But not all the neighbors are confident.
"I'd like to see it get fixed, but I don't believe it ever will - until someone gets killed," said Sonny Bushel. 

We reached out to the Department of Transportation and Development. They did not return our calls in time to comment.

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