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Staying safe while using public Internet

(Source: MGN Online) (Source: MGN Online)

In airports, on airplanes and even in your favorite fast food restaurant, free public wireless Internet -- or Wi-Fi -- is a growing tech freebie, but experts say as society becomes more and more dependent on technology, the risks of being hacked grow.  

Jon O'Connor is a systems engineer at National Networks in Lake Charles. He said the advancement of Internet access over the years is mind blowing. 

"It's just a convenient way for people to work and be productive, connect to the Internet, talk to their family without being confined to a wire," he said about wireless Internet. 

"If somebody else is connected to that same wireless, they can easily somehow get that information if that website is not secure," he said. 

Texas-based Path maker Group CEO Keith Squires is a cyber security expert. He said consumers should keep in mind five safety tips when trying to access free public Wi-Fi:

Use common sense.

Make sure anti-virus is updated and current.

Use smart phones rather than public Internet.

Use different passwords for private accounts. 

Look for the 's' in https. The 's' means secured. 

"If it doesn't look right or feel right ... disconnect right away," O'Connor said. 


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