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Local ministry offers back-to-school help for Bossier kids in need


A local ministry that provides uniforms and school supplies to children in need in the South Bossier area is on track to help more kids than ever this year.

Last year, Faith Moving Mountains was able to raise more than $8,000 worth of uniforms and supplies for Bossier students. This year, they say they expect to do even more, with plans to help around 2,000 students.

"As a substitute teacher, I started seeing that there is a need, I see kids on a day in day out basis and my heart breaks for these kids who aren't able to get school uniforms or have school supplies" says Ashley Santos, who came up with the idea do something about it.

"We get together and we provide school uniforms and school supplies to families in the south Bossier area," explains Angela Tejada, who says the effort began with a focus on South Bossier, but has since expanded to include students in North Bossier as well.

Each box and bag is filled with about $80 worth of supplies and uniforms, which will be given to kids for free.  They say they do it all through donations and a helping hand from Goodwill.

"When a child doesn't have what they need at school, then you know kids can be cruel," says Alisa Maron, who has donated to Faith Moving Mountains. "It helps them, it helps them perform better if they know that they've got what they're supposed to have and it helps a parent feel better that they've been able to give to their child."

The back-to-school goods will be given away in two locations on Saturday, July 20. Items will be distributed first to those who have received invitations from the school system, from 8 a.m. to Noon on that day. Then, distribution will become open to the public from Noon to 2 p.m.  

In North Bossier, the distribution will take place at North Point Community Church at 4204 Airline Drive. 

In South Bossier, it will take place at the Shady Grove Recreational Center, 3949 Wayne Avenue.

Only North and South Bossier residents are eligible to receive the assistance, and IDs will be checked at both locations on distribution day.

Click here more about the Faith Moving Mountains mission, and to donate.

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