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LeTourneau University campers arrive to a crime scene and solve it!

Blood, bullets, broken glass and a body all point to evidence of a crime scene.

On Wednesday, campers at LeTourneau University arrived at a "crime scene" and were told they had to solve the crime themselves.

This was a mock crime scene, of course; it's all a part of the Police Academy Camp offered for kids.

It's a program run by Longview Police to put the kids through real life police training.

These campers were expected to solve a series of different crime scenarios all on their own.

"We set up a mock crime scene that we allow them to go in and investigate it and use the tools that they've been taught to try and come up with a resolution of what happened," said Officer Roger Askew with Longview Police.

Under the supervision and guidance of Longview Police, these campers have learned all about the police workforce.

"We start out at the beginning of the week and teach them handcuffing, how to talk on the radio, just the real simple things, and as the week goes on, it gets more intense. By the end of the week, they're doing full-blown scenarios and using the tactics and training and things that we've taught them," said Officer Askew.

The drill starts with an overview of what they should expect walking into the scene, and then it's all on the kids to solve the crime.

"The fun parts about today was coming in the room, not really knowing what's going to happen and just expecting for anything," said Dalton Hyko, a camper at the Police Academy.

This camp is perfect for kids like Dalton who said he wants to be a K-9 officer some day.

"I really do think this is going to help me to become a police officer because it teaches you all about what they do," said Dalton.  

That is Longview Police's goal. They want to give these kids insight on real police work.

"In law enforcement, you have to be trained to a certain point before you can actually experience what the job includes, and by using these camps to educate the kids, it gives them an opportunity to see more about what real police work is," said Officer Askew.

There are two weeks of camp left at LeTourneau University.

Within those two weeks they will be offering 20 different programs for kids of all interests.

If you'd like to look at the different camps left and sign your child up for one, click here.

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