From NICU to the world stage, Bossier teen beats the odds

From NICU to the world stage, Bossier teen beats the odds

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - Against all odds, a Bossier teen is just days away from heading to the Paralympic World Championships in France, with hopes of taking gold.

"The moment you're down in the blocks, it's you and God, one on one." That's Karsten Brogan's take on what life on the track is like just moments before the gun sounds and he takes off running. Karsten is leaving this weekend with Team USA for the Paralympic World Championships.

"My child is going to France without a parent?" jokingly exclaims Karsten's mother, Kathy.

The fact that Karsten can even run is a miracle in itself. Kathy says 17 years ago, Karsten was born with two-thirds of his brain missing.

"We had a very grim doctor and an optimistic surgeon who said he's seen some miracles and we said we're going to be one."

In fact, Kathy says one doctor said Karsten would never walk, talk or much less run around a track. He leaves this weekend for the Paralympic World Championships. Karsten is the national record holder in the 400 meters and will compete in a number of other events.

Quoting from the bible, Matthew 19:26, Karsten says, "For with man, this is impossible. But through God, all things are possible."

He not only believes it, but he wears it. He has "Matthew 19:26" tattooed on the back of his right arm.

Adds his mother, "He's a world champion by their standards. He's always been a world champion to me."

Karsten needs our financial help for this trip to France and his upcoming trip to the Junior World Championships. You can learn more about donating in the Facebook group set up to support Karsten in his trip to the Paralympic World Championships, Prayer Support for our Favorite Runner, Karsten Brogan.

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