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Shreveport murder suspect charged, victim's mother speaks out

The mother of a man shot to death in May is breaking her silence after her son's accused killer spent the day in court. On Tuesday, a Caddo Parish Grand Jury indicted 33-year-old Frederick Gipson on five counts, including one for the murder of 20-year-old Buford Johnson. In addition to murder, Gipson is also facing three counts of obstruction of justice and attempted distribution of a controlled dangerous substance.
A memorial decorated with messages, a basketball, and teddy bears marks the spot where 20-year-old Buford Johnson was shot and killed while walking on the 300 block of West 77th street in Shreveport. It's been an emotional few weeks, since family and friends first set up the tribute during a candle light vigil. But for Sadie Johnson and her husband, the pain of losing their son hasn't gotten any easier, "I've been taking it one day at a time. Each day I pray, asking for strength to get me through another day," said Sadie with her husband standing by her side. 

She says it's also been particularly tough for her 13 and 15-year-old niece and nephew, who were actually walking with Buford and watched as he was gunned down.  On Tuesday, the teens told a grand jury about that night, an experience Sadie says was terrifying for them, "I hated for them to rehash what happened, but I told them they had to do it."

Johnson is satisfied the grand jury indicted her son's alleged killer Frederick Gipson. Yet, she can't help but feel compassion for Gipson's mother, who could also lose her son, in a different way. "This is not a joyful moment, a happy moment for the other mother, Mrs. Gipson, I don't wish her any harm, I will continually pray for her family," she said.

Johnson says some days are harder than others, sometimes she can't even get out of bed. But says with the help of her faith, she'll make it,  "I would like for everyone else in the world to pray for me and everyone else who has lost a child, because it's not easy."

Gipson is scheduled to be in Judge Ramona Emanuel's court for arraignment on July 31.

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