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Cheering your favorite baseball team can make your stomach grow

Baseball Food Calories Graphic (Courtesy CNN) Baseball Food Calories Graphic (Courtesy CNN)

Whether you're cheering the Reds at Great American Ball Park or rooting for your kid's team, nutritionists say you'd better be careful about those trips to the concession stand. The calories can really add-up.

A hot dog without any toppings, for instance, averages about 150 calories at most Major League stadiums.

During the seventh inning stretch, the crowd sings "buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks." But you may not want them to when you realize how they could add to your waistline. An eight-ounce bag of peanuts runs about 840 calories. An eight-ounce box of Cracker Jacks has 420 calories. That hamburger that smells so good cooking on the grill? It'll tack-on 490 calories to your body.

Super nachos with cheese are so good! But they're full of 1,500 calories --- and that's not including the beer that usually washes them down.

At Great American Ball Park, you can find some healthier options like salads, fruit, and bottled water. Nutritionists recommend thinking about what you'll allow yourself to eat at a baseball stadium before you get there to make it easier to stick to your diet.

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