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Google logo invaded by alien

A screen grab of Google's doodle in honor of the Roswell incident, which was reported July 8, 1947. (Source: Google) A screen grab of Google's doodle in honor of the Roswell incident, which was reported July 8, 1947. (Source: Google)

(RNN) – We are not alone. An alien has invaded Google's logo, and it's on a mission.

The alien's ship broke apart while over a bucolic landscape, and pieces of the ship ended up scattered across a small farm. The non-gender specific extraterrestrial wanders the farm looking for tools to retrieve his spaceship, even disturbing a human's sleep in the process.

Don't be alarmed, however, because you can control its every move. The being does not appear to be hostile and even helps with some chores by feeding a chicken.

The "crash" comes on the anniversary of the rumored spacecraft landing in Roswell, NM, and the events do appear to be connected.

In 1947, a strange object was found after it crashed in the desert, but its identity is still hotly contested. Some say it was an alien craft, others claim it was a weather balloon and still more say it was a prototype aircraft of some kind being researched by the government.

The government confiscated the wreckage and the Air Force said the debris came from a top-secret project aimed at detecting incoming ballistic missiles. But many are still skeptical and believe the body of an alien was recovered and taken to Area 51.

Google's space traveler was able to repair its ship and escape Earth before the government arrived. But the alien did not escape undetected, because a news report from the Google Daily Record chronicles the event.

The alien landed on a mountain and walked down to the farm, untied a cow and, using what appears to be some form of radioactive fuel, caused plants and a horse to greatly increase in size, all while retrieving pieces of its spacecraft.

The visitor then climbed into a bedroom and tickled a sleeping child until it let go of the final piece of the spacecraft.

The alien then reassembled its spacecraft and vanished. It is unknown whether it plans to return.

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