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KSLA News 12 Editorial: July 8, 2013- Medicaid

Many aspects of the Affordable Care Act are about to roll out. It's often referred to as Obamacare. And whether you are for it or against it, the fact is it's happening. And because of a decision by Louisiana and Texas governors, hundreds of thousands of residents will be adversely affected.

The Rand Corporation this month released a report focusing on the 14 states that have decided not to expand medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. It includes Louisiana and Texas. Rand's analysis found that decision will deprive 3.6 million people of health coverage. That stand, perhaps based more on politics than logic, will cost in other ways as well.

Another finding, these states collectively could spend as much as $1 billion dollars more on uncompensated healthcare in 2016 alone than if they had expanded Medicaid. The study points out these states will be subject to taxes, fees and other revenue provisions of the Affordable Care Act without reaping the benefit of the additional federal spending. Governors Jindal and Perry have repeatedly said their states will not participate in the expanded Medicaid program.

But several reluctant governors have changed their positions and are now opting in. It may be time for Louisiana and Texas to reconsider.

I'm James Smith.

Response from viewer Brian Fleming of Bossier City:

"I'm very disappointed in tonight's editorial. KSLA's views on criticizing Jindal and Perry for standing up for conservative values and not implementing the Medicare Exchange program just goes to show this community that KSLA is going right long with the national media in pushing the liberal agenda. This just proves that the media's liberal bias is alive and well on the local level too. Jindal and Perry should be applauded for this move. This legislation is a disaster and this country will soon find out.  I really wish you would do your job and report the truth on what 'Obamacare' is really all about. Again, very issapointed in the state of KSLA right now."

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