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WTOL 11 Special Report: What to know when you're getting ready to move

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Whether you're moving two blocks down the street or 2,000 miles across the country, the task is no easier or less daunting. In a search to uncover the best and worst moving companies in Ohio, we called in investigative reporter Jenna Lee. She looked at consumer reports and complaints from the past year – all in an effort to help you avoid a moving horror story.

Dick Eppstein of the Better Business Bureau in Toledo says crooks and bad guys remain in the moving company world.

Last year, more than 100 complaints were filed against moving companies in Wood and Lucas counties.

"The most common bad experience has been damage," said Eppstein.

The Better Business Bureau received 10,000 complaints nationwide from victims of dishonest movers.

And with 35 million people moving every year, complaints criss-cross the country.

Here are a few reviews from the local area received by the Ohio Public Utilities Commission.

"I filed a claim totaling $3,600 of damaged items."

 Bowling Green, Ohio

"I was quoted my move wouldn't exceed $6,000, the price has gone up to $10,800." 

Perrysburg, Ohio

"Divers demanded money before they would unload goods, needed it in cash or a money order, then threatened to hold my goods hostage."

Toledo, Ohio


""You're going to have to pay us to bring it back or we'll hold the goods hostage - this happens and we've had it happen here," explained Eppstein.

Here's a list of the companies consumers complained about in Wood and Lucas counties last year:

Coming out on top:

  • Moving Experts
  • Integrity First Moving
  • All My Sons Moving & Storage of Columbus and Cincinnati

READ: Full list of complaints here {PDF}

"If they're an illegal company, if they're operating without a proper state license and without insurance for your goods, you run a tremendous risk."

Be sure to keep the following in mind while moving:

  • Ask movers if they're licenses and insured
  • Don't get a quote over the phone
  • Understand the charges of your move
  • Be wary of a mover claiming everything's guaranteed
  • Be there when they pack and be there when they unload
  • Follow the paperwork
  • Here's a mover's checklist from the Ohio Attorney General's office

If you do experience a poor moving experience, be sure to file a report with the Better Business Bureau, Ohio Attorney General's Office and the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.

Helpful links:

File a complaint here: http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/Individuals-and-Families/Consumers/File-A-Complaint

Search consumer complaints here: http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/Individuals-and-Families/Consumers/Search-Consumer-Complaints

Review a list of consumer rights here: http://www.puco.ohio.gov/puco/index.cfm/consumer-information/consumer-topics/moving-in-ohio-know-your-rights-when-hiring-a-moving-company/

View a list of accredited moving companies in the Toledo area here: http://toledo.bbb.org/consumer-menu/

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