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Golf cart parade at Emerald Bay


One East Texas town celebrated Independence Day with a little camaraderie. Emerald Bay brought together everyone from veterans to toddlers for today’s festivities.

The neighborhood of Emerald Bay is revving its engines today- well, mostly its golf carts.

“We have a lot of patriotism shown here, and this is a patriotic community. It’s a wonderful community,” says Sonny Harvey, a Vietnam Veteran.

However, it’s not just about American pride here. As you drive along the streets, house after house, families have gathered out front to watch forty of their neighbors take part in a Fourth of July tradition.

“When you have seven grand kids, like I have, it’s fun to see them participate,” says contest judge Mike Bellar.

Those 40 participants take their dogs, children, and their golf carts and make the five mile loop that makes up the Emerald Bay Parade.

Judges standby, waiting to find this year’s contest winners in the parade. First, second, and third place prizes are given for the youngest person, oldest person, the best dressed dog, the best bicycle, the best motorcycle, and the best cart.

“We dressed our cart up like a fire truck and every fire truck needs to have a Dalmatian,” says contestant Debbie Youngman.

These judges don’t fool around. They say, the contestants take it very seriously, too. Win or lose, today marked another successful year for the festivities.

“It really helps you appreciate where you were born, where you live now, and how wonderful the United States really is,” says Harvey.

Even though it’s a day celebrating Independence, for Emerald Bay, it’s about bringing together those you can depend on as well.

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