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ETX homeless shelter tries to please unhappy neighbors


New security measures have been put up near a Tyler homeless shelter.

Back in March, Gateway To Hope requested a one-year extension in their permit to continue serving as a day resource center for the homeless.

However, a nearby business and their neighbors asked the city to have them move.

The neighbors complained that trash from the center blew into their yard and that there was a problem with loitering.

The city council granted the center's request for an extension, but asked they work with their neighbors to come to an agreement.

Since that meeting, the founder of the center has put in a fence to give her neighbors privacy and installed surveillance cameras to ensure no one is loitering.

The founder, Pat Mallory, also said she has created a designated smoking area so cigarette butts do not blow into her neighbor's yard.

"Lowe's put the fence up for us free of charge and the guy who surveyed the land for where the fence needed to go, he also said, 'we aren't going to charge you for that'. Any time we see any trash or anything, we pick it up," Mallory explained.

She also said the surveillance cameras were donated free of charge, but she is not so sure the neighbors are content with the shelter still being there. 

"We've tried to call and visit with them and talk to them and they're not interested in that and that's fine because we don't want to do anything that bothers them," Mallory explained.

KLTV tried to speak to the center's neighbors to see if they were happy with the changes, but they were unavailable for comment.

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