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Salvation Army reinstating public lunch program


On Tuesday, the SalvationArmy announced they are bringing back their public lunch program, which hadclosed down last month because of a lack of donations.

"Sometimes it's the only meal that theworking men that come in off the streets for that meal, sometimes that's theonly meal they receive the whole day, so it means everything to them,"Henrietta Grooms, a Salvation Army donor, said.

On June 17, the SalvationArmy called on the community to help put lunch back on their menu.

"Well I've said itsince I first came to Tyler, I've never seen the giving spirit that Tyler has,"Major Ben Lawrence, Commanding Officer at Tyler Salvation Army, said.

Three days later moneycame and Major Lawrence knew it wouldn't take long for lunch to be servedagain.

"It's amazing to be able to just put outa need and they always step up and help us," Major Lawrence said.

During the three weeksthat the salvation army had to shut down its lunch services more than 250people a day were without food for lunch. That's roughly 4200 meals.

"So many peoplecontribute based on the fact that the Salvation Army has helped them in thepast," Grooms said.

Henrietta Grooms has beenhelping the Salvation Army for 25 years and it's stories, like one a member ofher church told her, that keep her coming back.

"His mom deliveredhim at The Salvation Army so he has some really fond memories," Groomsaid.

Those memories as small aslunchtime that mean so much.

"I'm sure once itdoes take place again this coming Monday, that we'll hear a lot of thankyous," Major Lawrence said.

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