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Accidental child shootings in LA triple national average


It is an unfortunate story we hear over and over in Louisiana. New statistics say accidental shootings by children in Louisiana are three times the national average. "One time is one too many.  If you are going to make a decision to be a fire arms owner, it is imperative that you make it your business to be a responsible firearms owner" Bill Goodin of the Shreveport Police Department says.

In the last 10 years, more than 1,000 Louisiana children have died after getting their hands on guns. "Cardinal rule of gun safety is all guns are considered loaded, the safety position they can be in is if its semi auto the slide lock is back with no rounds in the chamber, magazine is out, no bullets" Paul Murray is the owner of Shooters USA. He is also a father, and says educating your kids can save lives. "Teach them about guns, bring them up, let them see guns shoot, see what they can do. It takes away the mystery of don't touch that and then while you're gone they figure out why they can't touch it" Murray says.

There are dozens of places and devices one can buy to keep guns out of the hands of kids. "Put them in a safe place, there are gun safes, all kinds of holsters, there's stuff you can put under your beds, behind the boards, in the closet, there's safes that read your fingers" Murray says. The Shreveport and Bossier Police Departments both give gun locks away to citizens for free.

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